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The Art of Living Part 2 Course

The deeper your rest; the more dynamic your activity. -- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art of Living Part 2 course is designed to provide the precise conditions for:

  • enhancing self-discovery
  • providing deep rest for the mind and body
  • reviving energy and enthusiasm

Benefits: This course is an opportunity to experience powerful silence along with the deep serenity of Hollow and Empty meditations. The practice of silence has been known throughout the ages, in many different traditions and cultures, as a great tool for elevating consciousness. When profound meditations are added to this silence we find that our ever-changing thoughts come to a rest and our mind becomes clear giving rise to a sense of natural joy.

"I caught a glimpse of who I really am – how beautiful and peaceful… I discovered that what I’d been looking for, has always been with me – courage, clarity, happiness and peace.” -- Eda Carmikli, part 2 course particapant.

Increased awareness and an unshakeable sense of stability come into our lives and stay for long periods of time after the course.

Each Part 2 course is an invitation to dive deep into the Self and enjoy a perfect vacation for mind, body and spirit.

Course Details: Part II Courses build upon the teachings of the Art of Living Part I Course. They are conducted in the form of residential retreats lasting from four to six days. The courses are normally held in venues that offer natural beauty and quietness. To register for a Part 2 course near you, click here.

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